Integrating DolphinSwap 🐬

$7M more liquidity available for price discovery

DolphinSwap has been integrated into our Nexus DEX Aggregator product. 7 Million $ of mostly DeFi tokens ($DEOS, $DOP, $DMD, $HUB, $PBTC, $USDT, $OGX) is now available for price discovery.

DolphinSwap is an AMM with variable pool weights which can lead to less impermanent loss for liquidity providers and thus attract more capital. There can be several pools with different weights for the same trading pair, Nexus integrates all of them in its simple UI and automatically chooses the pool with the best price.

We will continue to add more decentralized exchanges to our aggregator. If you think there is a high-liquidity DEX that is not yet integrated, please get in touch with us.